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Living Will Template

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Living Will Template

A lot of people find it difficult to plan ahead for things like serious illness or death. However, it's much more unpleasant to not plan ahead. Planning for every future possibility is important in making sure you get exactly the medical treatment you want. To do this, you should create a living will.

A living will is a legal paper that lets you specify the way you want to be medically treated in the event that you are too sick or hurt to speak for yourself. For example, some religions have restrictions on the amount or type of life support that a person can receive, but if your physician doesn't know what you believe, you may be subjected to treatments that are against your religion. A living will can not only state whether or not you would like to be kept alive by extraordinary measures, it can specify a person who will be entitled to make medical decisions on your behalf.

When you write a living will, you can state your desire to become an organ donor in the event of a catastrophic illness or accident. Failing to write this in a living will can keep your family from donating your organs on your behalf. Or, your family can still refuse to donate your organs even if you've told them that you wish to do so. Writing a living will is the only sure way to make your wishes known and enforceable.

Organ donors save countless lives every day. However, there are more people in need of organs than there are donors to match. A lot of people die waiting for an organ. While no one would wish an illness or accident on another person, things do happen. When a person states in their living will that they want to be an organ donor passes on, their act of generosity can save quite a few people.

Writing a living will is something that should be taken care of well in advance. If you don't write a living will and then something happens to you, it can lead to nasty disputes among family members when it comes to deciding whether or not to keep you alive artificially. By making your wishes known both verbally and in writing, you can keep peace in the family.

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