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How to change your last will and testament Florida

In Florida, anyone above 18 years of age can write their last will and testament. The last will and testament Florida is a list of all assets and businesses of a person. It allows a person to dictate what to give to whom after passing away. This very often can prevent family feud. Most of the time, personal properties are excluded from the will, but everything tangible is included. Once this is written and signed by an executor, witnesses in the presence of a lawyer, it cannot be revoked unless a new one is constructed. In such cases, or if two wills are written, Florida will honor the latest one drafted.

If you have written your last will and testament and would like to make changes, you can either destroy the old one or create an entirely different one. Talk to your lawyer or probate officer for advice on how to change it for you. If the changes are huge, for example, transferring your entire assets to a totally different person, then your lawyer might advise you to construct a new will. If the changes are minor, your lawyer might advise you to create a codicil. A codicil allows any person to make changes to their will only if the changes are minor. The codicil must, therefore, be constructed in a formal and as close to the original as possible. Your signature is always required for the changes to take effect. All these documents must be kept by your lawyer or in a safe place.

If you have created a codicil without a lawyer, it is important that you have at least two witnesses to sign your form. However, if the judge invalidates their signatures, your codicil might be voided. If this happens, your assets will be collected by the state and distributed according to Florida law.

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