Last Will and Testament
Last Will and Testament

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To ensure that your estate is handled the way you want it to be, it's absolutely essential that you have a last will and testament. This is a document that revokes all previous wills, and to write one, you have to know your state's laws. In almost all cases, the will writer has to be at least eighteen years old, of sound mind, and making the will without duress.

A formal last will and testament must be in writing, and signed by the will maker and witnesses according to state law. It's not a good idea to wait until tragedy strikes to make a will- this is something that should be done when times are good. Failing to have a last will and testament can mean a long proceeding in probate court as a judge sorts out your estate. You can make a will as often as you would like, but the one you want to use should be deemed your "last will". In the event you want to make changes to your last will and testament, you will have to file a legal document called a codicil.

A last will and testament will show if the will maker is married, and if they have any children. For a married person, the will should list the spouse's name and that of their children. To provide for the payment of final expenses, debts and estate taxes, the will can specify an executor (a person responsible for payments).

As we mentioned, a last will and testament will state how the estate is to be handled. Most wills include a list of people in order of succession. If the first person on the list doesn't survive the will maker, the estate goes to the next person in line. Wills can also provide for the disposition of specific assets or possessions.

In some cases, there are provisions for those who would contest the last will- they can be kept from getting any gains from the estate. When the will is drawn up the way you want it to be, you can either have an estate lawyer review it, or you can sign it and have it witnessed. It doesn't matter how large or small your estate is- it's always a good idea for an adult to have a last will and testament.

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